Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Latest Batch: Jaki Jakizawa LP and Bad Drumlin Grass 7"

There was a taste of Jaki bleepage at the end of the first side of the 'Just a Little Bit of Milvia Son' sampler 7". This 12", entitled "Can You Feel the Juices?", goes quite a bit further, and in vastly different directions depending on which side one chooses to spin (we recommend playing both sides, in succession, repeatedly!). The entire first side is a breezy analog synth flight through the low-hanging clouds of dirty funk and upwards into a pink and green sky where the smell of fajitas mingles with the scent of White Rhino and other contemporary cultivars. Side B is a pulsating drum-less drone that flirts with the vaguely sinister but spends most of its energy swimming upstream in that beautiful Teutonic canal where melancholy and euphoria combine to make something that could almost be pop if it didn't melt your face. The icing on this lysergic cake is the killer silkscreened artwork (front and back) courtesy of Alan Sherry (of the famed Siwa Records label). Plus every copy comes with a set of Jaki stickers that will come in handy the next time you are walking through the church parking lot and feeling bored.

At the same time, we are unleashing our first FREE 7" (hopefully not the last!), "All Night Long" by Bad Drumlin Grass.

This one has been a long time coming, for a number of reasons, but the intent from the beginning was always to let it loose for nuthin. The economy blows bloody chunks and at the same time the cost of new vinyls keeps going up. At the present rate, the average price for a new LP (even a shitty one) will be $20 within a few years. With unemployment likely to stay at 10% or thereabouts for at least that long, who the hell can afford to invest in some freak's music? Anyways, enough politics. On this 7" slab, the Grass present the title song in two versions. Side B is identical to Side A except a portion of one lyric (oh yes, there's singing) has been censored so our favorite radio stations could get in on the action without incurring the wrath of the douchebags at the FCC. And we didn't just get any random yahoo to do the censoring, we got the immortal Richard Lesser to perform one of his infamous overdubs. If you've ever owned a copy of Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moo' (Wembley '74) on vinyl you might recognize his handiwork. Or you can simply enjoy Side A in the comfort and safety of your own home.

The Jaki Jakizawa LP is $10 postpaid in the US, $13 postpaid Canada, $20 postpaid everywhere else.

The Bad Drumlin Grass 7" is FREE with any order, or $3 postpaid in the US. Right now I think I can do $6 postpaid in Canada and $11 postpaid elsewhere. One copy per order, of course. ;)

Paypal :: records [[[a.t]]] milviasonD0Tcom, or drop a line at the same address if you wish to order a bunch of stuff.


freaknhell said...

you're blog is fucking uglier than mine. thanks for the tunes.

Phill Bowle said...

You are welcome. We celebrate ugliness here, as Mr. Zappa advised many years ago.